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评分:7.7 / 地区:荷兰/ 片长:110分钟 导演:迪克·麦斯 / 热度:1531℃
类型:喜剧/ 语言:荷兰语 编剧:迪克·麦斯
主演:耐莉·弗利达/休伯·史塔普/Horace Cohen
影片别名:The Flodders / Welfare Party / 舒适的家








喜剧效果拉满。Assi一家人,有手有脚却无所事事,吃福利住进了豪宅,以为要实现阶级跨越、开始新生活了,又被坦克炸飞。我只能说,they deserve it。倒也不必说底层活得比上层更真实更通透。因为Assi就是这样,绝不想下一秒的事,绝不顾及他人的感受,反正有福利吃也饿不死。




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8.0 女神说看完笑笑就够了。深以为然顶礼膜拜之。虽然我不觉得很好笑。


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  A brilliant and outragously funny satire of society, 7 December 1999
  Author: Dave Joerg (joerd000@mail.zdv.uni-mainz.de)
  "Flodder" is one of the funniest movies ever made and few people realise that it is a Dutch movie made by none other than the Holland version of John Carpenter, the famous Dick Maas, author and director of the thriller "Amsterdamned". The Flodder family is the reincarnation of the term a-social. When the whole family bunch, basically all bastards, criminals and sluts must be relocated from their City slum because of toxic waste under their house, the city council house no choice. The only available space is in the "Zoendal" - the "Sun Valley" the best area in Amsterdam where all doctors, snobs and businessmen can afford to live their lives. And where the central point of interest and politics is the tennis club of the community. The Flodder family brings devastation to the tranquil world that ruled before. They are simply unbelievable. The characterisation is incredibly funny, beginning with Ma Flodder who searches other people's trash cans for food or making illegal liquor in her cellar and ending with the eldest daughter who is the biggest slut on earth. Together they make the most horrible family imaginable, a sort of immoral mirror image to the Brady Bunch or the Waltons. When the City counsel of Amsterdam hoped that the Flodders would show their good will to be more civilised in their new area, it turns out that Holland's most famous family would rather bring out the worst in the rich people of "Sun Valley"-wonderland. The rest is a hilarious, brilliant and well made social satire that can be watched as a provocative movie as well as a straightforward comedy. Dick Maas at his best. I salute him! Flooder was the Dutch smash hit in 1986 and brought two sequels and a tv series. All of the sequels were nice but not as great as the original.
  Flodders (1986) is available on DVD in Germany in a dubbed German version in Dolby Digital 5.1. under the name:
  "Flodders -Eine Familie zum knutschen"
  Why is First Floor Features, the producer of the movie not bringing the Dick Maas blockbusters out on DVD in the Netherlands, I wonder. The are not even available on video there. These movies have so much potential, still to this day and have a huge silent but true following.